Thursday, February 10, 2011

Future Prospects and Challenges

Future Prospects and Challenges

Global Markets:
                     1.1. Greater export market opportunities
                     1.2. The threat to the local market

Production should be increased:
                     1.1. production areas

The poultry industry a sustainable and viable
                    1.1. Competitive: - Efficient-production technology
                                                - Practice good farm
  Meets expectations:
                                              - Good food

                                             - High Quality

                                             - socio-environmental friendly


1. Control Chicken Farming
               1.1. Licensing of poultry farms

               1.2 Pollution

               1.3 Harassment flies

               1.4 stink Disorders

               1.5 Use of medicines

2. Production Areas

              2.1. Production Zone

              2.2. Permanent Food Production Parks Chicken (TKPA)


Current issue

              a. Fly

              b. Smell

Products - Quality:

             a. Residue

             b. Use of drug prohibition - Nitrofuran, beta agonist, chloramphenicol  

             c. Contamination [food-borne diseases]

Labor force:

             a. Local labor scarce

             b. Depending on foreign energy

Capital  :
              a. High

              b. Loan banks / financial institutions - have collateral


               a. Not very attractive to employers.

Production systems:

               a) Independent Farmers) benefits, disadvantages, risks

               b) Contract Farmers 

Licensing farm
                 - Addition of a condition to the closed house system.

                - GAHP and SALT

              a) Attitude
              b) Technology

Monday, February 7, 2011


Auto - pen Feeder  and  Nipple  drinker.

                                                     Performance  Comparison

                                                 Closed  house  and  Opened.

Parameter                                         open                                    closed

Age  sales (days)                              46                                          45
Floor  Area ( sq ft/head )                  1.0                                         0.8
% mortality                                       7.6                                         4.93
Sales weight / head kg                     2.3                                          2.22
FCR                                                2.03                                       1.91
Drug - Vaccine - tail                        RM 0.15                                RM 0.10
Production Costs / kg                      RM 2.30                                RM 2.19
Gross Profit                                     RM 0.66                                RM 0.85



Monday, January 31, 2011

Current Industry


    1.  Conventional  Farming  ( Open House )   
          i.   Manual Farm equipments (e.g. Feed trough and hopper auto-bell drinker.

  2.  Modern  Farming  ( Closed House ).

        ii.    Application  of  mechanization and automation.
              ( automatic feeder, nipple drinker,egg collection, egg grading, egg paking etc )
              (a)  Control Ventilated house, tunnel ventilation.
              ( b ) Evapovative  Cooling  system, 

Manual  Feeding  Hopper  and  Auto - bell drinker.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Current Industry

#  Many  farm-scale production  capacity  is  not  economic.

#  The farm  price  of  chicken, eggs  is  not  permanent  prices  always  fluctuate  and  very  by  grade.

#  Factor  contributing  to  increased  productivity :

        -  Commercial  stage.
        -  Economic  scale  production.
        -  Knowledgeable  operators.
        -  Skilled  Operator
        -  Ready  to  receive  the  latest  technology.
        -  Production  system  move  productive.
        -  down  steam.
        -  Government  support.
        -  Effective  disease  control.
        -  Effective  regulatory.
        -  Import  control..


        -  Imports  for  the  purpose  of  downstream  product.
        -  Production  system  :
                      * Integrated  manufacturing  system  ( up-stream and down stream ).
                      * Breeder / Hatchery
                      * Feed mills.
                      * Grower.
                     * Paper  eggs  tray.
                     * Slaughtering  and  processing  plant
                     *  marketing.

Background Of The Poultry Meet Industry

#  Development of  Poultry  Industry.

      -  In 1960 an....
      -  Exotic breeds e.g.Rhode Island Red and Leghoun were introduced in 1927.
      -  Local  production is insufficient to meet demand, poultry meet and eggs have to be imported.
     -  After world War 2, has just started construction of the poultry industry.

     -  Starting with how free and curfew at night, when the system charged to a semi-intensive which
         provided shelter and fenced.

     -  Built from 1947 to 1955...

     -  Beginning  in 1960, many large poultry farms exist.

    -  In 1966 a total  of  1196 poultry farms opened  with  a  total  of  3 million heads  of  livestock.

    -  In 1966, these  mere 77 pieces = 16 million  hatchery DOC.

    -  In  the  year  1960 - 1970, rapid  development, increased use  of  technology  in  production.

    -  In  1980, the problem  of  falling  farm  prices - the  cash  flow  to  entrepreneurs  sharpen.

    -  Feedmills  company  provide  credit  facilities ( Contrack  Farming ).

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Introduction Tip & Info Chicken Meat...


1. Background Of The Poultry Meat Industry.
2. Current  Industry.
3. Industrial Potential.
4. Current Industries Issues.

Background  Of  The  Poultry  Meat  Industry.

*  Poultry sector is the largest component in the farming industry in this country.
*  It is a major contributor in the basic food source livestock.
*  More competitive when compared to other farming.

*  Still dependent on imported sources of supply.

# Appearance  Of  The  Shed  Or  Born  past.

#  First  There  Is  No  System  Of  Management  And  Drainage.

@ The Role Of The Poultry Industry.

         -  Accounted  for  70%  of  total  meat  and  eggs  100%   of  demand  in  domestic  market.
         -  Providing  job  opportunities.
         -  Provide  a  source  of  income.
         -  Foreign  exchange  contributed  on  example  of  export  of  chickens, eggs  and  poultry.
         -  Encourage  the  growth  of  other  economic  sectors  eg  food  factories, pharmaceutical, farm